Russ_New_Biz_SqareI’m an accomplished software executive with a strong track record of success in leading all aspects technical operations and business development. I have excellent abilities working in both client-facing and non-client facing situations in addition to strong technical and analytical skills.  I have helped multiple businesses improve P&L by pursuing new business opportunities and making existing processes more efficient.

I’m a very strong communicator with top-notch interpersonal skills, who brings 20+ years experience building, motivating and leading teams to the table — including managing both on- and off-shore team members. I really thrive in fast paced, rapidly changing, entrepreneurial environments requiring focused, results-oriented decision making. I tend to be an independent thinker and I’m not afraid to play devil’s advocate to make sure the team makes the best decisions.

I am a collaborative leader and strong team player with years of experience helping organizations accelerate growth.