Russ Broomell

What I Do


I teach and equip people to live out what they were made to do. I challenge the status quo. I'm a catalyst for personal growth, business growth, and spiritual growth.


I believe in who over what - in people over process. I bring a creative approach to every challenge I take on.


I build alliances, listen more than I talk, encourage hesitators, break down walls, overcome the world, mentor hopefuls, tilt at windmills, make the coffee, and kill spiders - not necessarily in that order.


Who I Am


I'm a catalyst, entrepreneur, teacher, fixer, startup advisor, nerd, preacher, thinker, troublemaker, encourager, and challenger. I believe that I'm called to teach, preach, and equip people. I'm a junior apprentice to Jesus. I take life in big bites and do things that seem impossible!


I have a colorful family, a diverse tribe, and an exciting mission.


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